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Jeffrey P. Isenberg, JD

Jeff Isenberg is an attorney who turned his full attention to Risk Management in 1979 after meeting William Peet, one of the pioneer independent consultants and co-founder of the Insurance Consultants Society (now the Society of Risk Management Consultants). With Mr. Peet as his mentor, Jeff embarked on a career change he has never regretted.

Jeff developed his independent Risk Management practice around the core belief that Risk Management is one of the most sensible and cost-effective disciplines that management can adopt. He is an outspoken advocate of "Contract Control", and has had primary responsibility for developing the firm's distinctive Transaction Risk Management capability and for enhancing the firm's role as a unique transaction resource to legal counsel. Jeff has been a faculty member for a number of Continuing Legal Education and other Bar Association seminars, and a discussion leader at law firms and other professional group sessions on contractual risk allocation and commercial insurance matters. He is co-author of the Insurance chapter of a legal treatise on Minnesota Real Estate Practice.

Jeff Isenberg has been described as being “technically intense”, which, rightly or wrongly, he interprets as a compliment. Jeff views it as a good sign that he still has both his sense of humor and his first Risk Management client.

Allen E. Haskin

Allen Haskin brings an extensive insurance background to his Risk Management work. He studied insurance law and claims investigation while serving his last six months in Vietnam, preparing himself for an insurance industry career upon his return to civilian life. Al started his insurance career as an independent claims adjuster. Following extensive insurance company training, he then spent several years as a commercial underwriter for a major insurer. As an underwriter, Al was responsible for all phases of risk acceptability and insurance policy pricing. For the nearly 20 years that followed, he served as an agency marketing manager, major account executive, and producer with national and regional brokers. Among his responsibilities on the broker side were the handling of front-line cost and coverage negotiations, development of manuscript forms, administration of self-insurance programs and management of large "Wrap Up" construction project programs.

Al has hands-on experience with a wide variety of business operations, and he contributes in almost all areas of our Risk Management services. He is currently a candidate for the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation.

Tracy L. Fisher, Office Manager

Tracy runs the place.


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