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  1. RM Focal Point.

We can serve as or help you develop a focal point for the ongoing flow of Risk Management information:


Resulting in:

    • Improved exposure identification and monitoring.
    • More effective communication about Risk Management policies and issues.
    • Increased Risk Management awareness.
    • Enhanced ability to establish the right Risk Management goals and direction.
    • Greater confidence in your organization's management of risk.
  1. Transaction Risk Management ("Contract Control").

We can serve as a resource to management and legal counsel with respect to risk-related issues in a wide range of transaction settings, including:

    • Customer Contracts
    • Real Estate and Equipment Leases
    • Customer Contracts
    • Contractor Agreements
    • Vendor Agreements
    • RFP Responses
    • Construction Agreements
    • Financing transactions
    • License Agreements
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
We can also help you develop a comprehensive Contract Control system for your organization.
  1. Insurance Management.

We can take the lead or provide the level of support you want in designing, negotiating and managing your commercial insurance program. We can:

    • Help you establish short- and long-term insurance objectives
    • Develop Insurance Specifications
    • Manage competitive insurance purchasing
    • Negotiate coverage
    • Prepare manuscript policy language
    • Manage the insurance agent or broker selection process
    • Orchestrate insurer and agent contributions
    • Prepare Insurance budget projections
    • Prepare Insurance accounting summaries
    • Serve as your "numbers watch dog" for:
      • Invoices
      • Audits
      • Loss reserves
      • Retrospective Rating Adjustments, Deductible Reimbursement Billings, etc.
      • Workers’ Compensation Experience Rating Modification computations
      • Workers’ Compensation Code Classifications
    • Help you explore risk financing alternatives
  1. Workers’ Compensation Management.

We offer an effective Workers’ Compensation management approach that is designed to respond to your operations and to your objectives. There are significant rewards to being on top of your Workers’ Compensation situation. You make the management commitment to that objective - we have every confidence that we can help get you there.

  1. Claims Management.

We can undertake a number of roles in managing property and liability insurance claims. For some clients, particularly those with critical Professional Liability or Product Liability exposures, and those that expect some frequency of liability incidents and claims, we serve as the initial focal point for the analysis and direction of liability claims. We also have considerable experience in providing insurance coverage analysis, and insurance litigation strategy and support for legal counsel.

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